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When a writer abandons a story, the hero is ripped from the existence the author created and sentenced to the Abandoned Realm.  With less people believing in the power and magic of fiction, the real world and the Abandoned Realm are slowly poisoned as the boundary between them weakens. 


A vengeful hero-turned-villain exploits the boundary’s weakness to make a portal, flooding San Francisco with bloodthirsty monsters and dark magic. Bex, a failed writer, and her resentful unfinished character hold the key to resealing the portal. Their inner demons, as well as those attacking the city, must all be defeated to close the portal before time runs out. 


The Abandoned Realm is an adult contemporary fantasy where Discovery of Witches meets The Library of the Unwritten. For the adults who grew up loving Percy JacksonInkHeart, and The Raven Boys and for fans of stories where the fantasy world meets the real one. Fans of Dungeons & Dragons and other RPGs, fanfiction, and for those who love stories where the fantasy world blends with the real one will enjoy The Abandoned Realm. 

The Abandoned Realm Hardback

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