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The Abandoned Realm

When writers give up on a story, they banish the hero to the Abandoned Realm. As belief in the power and magic of fiction dwindles, the boundary between the real world and the Realm weakens, leading to their slow poisoning.


A hero-turned-villain seeks revenge by exploiting the weakness in the boundary, causing a flood of bloodthirsty monsters and dark magic to engulf San Francisco. To seal the portal, Bex, a failed writer, and Talera, her resentful Elven warrior, must overcome inner demons and defeat the attackers in the city.


For fans of The Library of the Unwritten and Marvel's Thor, The Abandoned Realm is a standalone contemporary fantasy. Now available in print, ebook, and audiobook.

The Abandoned Realm Book Cover Bex and Talera

Available to Order


Jolene Perry, author of In The Shadows series

"This book is f#%@ing awesome. It's like word porn for writers."
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The Abandoned Realm Book Brittany Hansen Author, Magic, Badass female warriors, Fantasy conventions, Witty Baner, Multiple POV


Brittany Hansen grew up devouring books about magic, looking for doorways to fantasy worlds in tree trunks, and staying up late writing her own stories. She studied creative writing in college. Now she lives near the mountains in Utah with her husband, two kids, and two dogs.


The Abandoned Realm is her debut novel.

She has a witchy, gender-bent reimagining of Robin Hood coming Fall 2024. The duology will be perfect for fans of The Foxglove King, The Bone Shard Daughter, and enemies-to-lovers. 

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